Best Video Converter

in the more modern era of technology continues to progress rapidly and always brings a variety of new inventions are always beneficial to facilitate human work and very interesting to try, an example of technology developed at this time is one of the computer software that you can internet access is easy on your liking or needs, many applications that can be found on the social network, and I’m sure with a wide variety of applications that you can instantly access and use will greatly help you in your work or just to enjoy life with application in the format available entertainment and all that you could also be right if you want easily.

for example if you want a video application that allows you to make a good video recording and attractive with various latest features tiger with popular multimedia formats, you can access it online as a video converter application for the manufacture of your video, this application has been widely used all over world since the application continues to grow and quite a positive impact on the application they are also fairly easy to access and use, and with technological advances such as this I hope you can enjoy it.

Augmented Reality – The Future Technology For Mankind

Increased reality (AR), still in this development stage, is going to become great future technology for humankind. It is nothing but the view of real world environment (with some viewing medium) using improved or enhanced elements, generated by computer imagery. In less difficult terms, it makes addition of graphic information over the real world view. To superimpose computer generated imagery over the real world environment, this technology largely works on the display device, input device, NAVIGATION, MEMS sensors, and a calculating processor.

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Future Trend in Information Technology Calls for Players

The internet provides a few tools that allow people to create social and business connections, discuss information and collaborate on assignments online. By 2016, there is going to be 5. 8 billion Internet users amounting to four-fifth from the global population. Web 2. 0 has become a significant part of people’s living and work. Foreseeing the future trend in i . t . helps strategic planners to keep equipped and heart warming the next generation competition.

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